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downhill skiing Downhill & Telemark Skiing

Experience the thrill of swooshing down the slopes! Or if telemark skiing is more your speed, try "free-heeling" it down our hills. If you’ve never tried skiing before, we have lessons at Hyland Hills Ski Area and the Elm Creek Winter Recreation Area with equipment rentals and practice hills to get you started. As your skills improve, move up to the more challenging hills or hit the jumps and ramps on our freestyle terrain.

Hyland Hills Ski Area and the Winter Recreation Area at Elm Creek offer downhill ski areas for all skill levels, from training hills to Olympic-level training jumps. Our downhill ski areas feature snowmaking and well-groomed hills for unbeatable winter fun. 

Three Rivers Parks Ski Patrol is always looking for enthusiastic Alpine and Nordic skiers and snowboarders who enjoy helping others in a winter environment. Contact us if you're interested in learning more.

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