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fishing Fishing

Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams are home to over 158 species of freshwater fish. Throw a line for your own catch of the day. In Three Rivers, you might reel in muskie, northern pike, sunfish, bass or even walleye. Launch your boat at a lake access site, rent a boat, or stay on land as you fish from a pier or on shore.

Water Resources Management carefully monitors and maintains the health of our water systems to maximize your fishing experience.

Accessibility Accessibility 

Wheelchair-accessible fishing piers are located near boat launches at Bryant Lake, Lake Auburn, Cleary Lake, Fish Lake, Medicine Lake, Gale Woods Farm, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Rebecca, Steiger Lake and Lake Independence.

Disposing of Fishing Line

Left-behind fishing line can be deadly to fish, birds and other animals that become entangled in it. The best way to discard fishing line is through a monofilament recycling program. If this is not an option, be sure to cut fishing line into very small pieces before throwing it away.

Where to find it


Good to Know

Fishing Regulations

Anglers aged 16 and older must have a valid Minnesota fishing license.

Please review the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website for fishing regulations.

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