Groups at The Landing

Bring history to life! Programs for all ages are offered onsite or at a location near you. For more information or to arrange a program, call 763-694-7784. You may also request a program by filling out this form.

Academic Standards

The Landing's curriculum supports certain MN K-12 Academic Standards. Review the Standards Matrix to decide which programs meet your needs.

Onsite Programs

Let your students discover what life was like for early Minnesota settlers at recreated 1800s farms and village, complete with costumed interpreters.

Programs last for two hours and begin at 10 AM or 12:30 PM. Each two-hour time block includes a brief orientation and can accommodate groups of 15–120 people. Additional program time may be added at teacher request. Program fees listed below. Curriculum packet with pre- and post-visit information and activities provided with each reservation.

  • Two-hour program: $6 per participant; $90 minimum.

Program Descriptions

  • Children and Family Life in 1889 (Grades 1-3) - Students experience what life was like in the Minnesota River Valley during the late 1800s through hands-on activities and role-playing.
  • Maple Syrup Through History (Grades 1-6) - Learn the history of maple syruping from the American Indians through the early European settlers.
  • 1889 One-Room School (Grades 1-6) - Students experience what a one-room school was like in the late 1800s by role-playing and participating in the curriculum of 1889.
  • Journey to 1857 Minnesota (Grades 4-6) - Students explore Minnesota immigration through a variety of hands-on activities that promote teamwork and the use of problem solving skills.
  • Travel Over Time (Grades 7-12 and Adult Groups) - This walking guided tour features a timeline of the cultural, environmental and material changes in the Minnesota River Valley in the 1800s.

Outreach Programs

Let history come to your classroom. Explore what it was like to come to Minnesota as an immigrant, play 1800s-style games or attend the One-Room School. Programs are offered throughout the year.

  • Offsite programming: $84 + $2.40/participant hour (minimum $120)
  • Large group assembly or presentation: $210/hour
  • Booth program fee: $150/hour
  • Mileage reimbursement may be charged.