Teen Volunteer Opportunities

From caring for animals to helping with day camps to learning about art and nature, volunteering in the parks will help you gain leadership skills, life skills and job skills. Plus, you might just have fun while you're at it. 

Teen Council

The Teen Council serves as the voice for young people in our community as users and stewards. Teens provide their perspective on Three Rivers initiatives, collaborate with staff on ideas and programs to engage teens in the parks, and learn about all aspects of the Park District. Members collectively create a vision and goals that drive their efforts for the year. Open to ages 14-19.

The Teen Council is currently paused for the 2022–2023 school year to re-evaluate the program.

Contact: Kaja Vang

Global Youth Service Day

Global Youth Service Day activities are paused in 2022. We will have one service opportunity open to the public for Earth Day 2022 (April 22). Free to participate. Registration required. Age and group size limits apply. Please contact Katie Brom for more information.

Contact: Katie Brom

Outdoor Youth Crew

The Outdoor Youth Crew is open to youth ages 12-18 to gain leadership skills, experience personal growth, and develop outdoor skills by assisting at summer camps! Summer camps held at multiple locations throughout Three Rivers. Find out more information and apply on the Outdoor Youth Crew page.

Contact: Heather Gordon

Silverwood Teen Arts Council

a man taking a picture by a lake

The Silverwood Teen Arts Council (STAC) is focused on the arts and nature and takes place at Silverwood Park. The STAC helps plan two teen nights each year in collaboration with professional artists. Participants are exposed to a variety of artistic mediums, artists and outdoor skills. STAC members commit to 40 hours of volunteering in one year. 

Contact: Seth Eberle

Baker Outdoor Learning Center

Counselor-in-Training: Teens can continue the fun of summer camp while developing leadership skills. Participants learn how to foster friendships, solve problems and be a role model for kids. Includes one week of training and at least one week of summer camp immersion assisting staff with overnights. Applications will be accepted starting in early March. Space is limited. Open to ages 15-18. 

Contact: Mary Morris

Eastman Nature Center

Naturalist Youth Leader Program: Experience working as an assistant naturalist, receive hands-on nature education training, learn about different ecosystems and become more comfortable in the outdoors at Eastman Nature Center. Applications accepted starting in January. Interviews in February.

Contact: Vicky Wachtler

Animal care volunteer: Help care for live reptiles and amphibians. Animal volunteers commit 1–2 hours weekly for a minimum of six months.

Contact: Brandon Baker

Lowry Nature Center

Day camps: Assist naturalists with camp at Lowry Nature Center, including helping with craft projects, outdoor nature activities and keeping an eye on kids during hikes.

Bluebird monitoring: Open bluebird houses and make notes about the nest, eggs and babies inside. Trail monitoring is done every 7–10 days from April 1–Aug. 1.

Animal care volunteer: Help care for live reptiles and amphibians. Must commit 1–2 hours weekly for at least six months.

Native bees: Assist a naturalist with native bee nest box surveys.

Dragonfly surveys: Learn how to identify and record species, as well as net, handle and photograph/record dragonflies.

Contact: Kirk Mona

Mississippi Gateway Regional Park

Day camps: Assist naturalists with day camps for children, including helping with craft projects and nature and recreation activities.

Phenology citizen science: Collect data related to the seasonal changes in the park. You must collect data at least once per month from April–November.

Water quality monitor: Collect data related to the Mississippi River’s health. Data must be collected twice per month from April-November.

Animal care volunteer: Help care for live reptiles and amphibians at Mississippi Gateway. Animal volunteers commit 1–2 hours weekly for a minimum of six months.

Contact: Ashley Smith

Other Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to ongoing volunteer opportunities, Three Rivers is always looking for short-term volunteers. See additional volunteer options at Three Rivers.